Friday, 28 March 2014

Blog Promotion: Johnny's Critique

I don't normally do this, and I don't know if I'll do this for anyone else in the future, but since this is also another cinema blog that I'm acquainted with I thought perhaps it might be worth sharing.

The two of us met back in February when I'd just written my James Bond article and decided to share my blog on IMDB. I had a few... less than pleasant responses, such as one person who simply said my blog was stupid (and since deleted their post) and another guy who accused me of being ignorant regarding the "reason for the allure of James Bond" and then tried to argue why it wasn't sexist.

Still, this guy Johnny made a simple post on my thread saying he'd check out my blog if I looked at his. We're both on each other's reading lists now, and I thought it might be worth sharing him with anyone who happens to be following this blog.

Now you'll quickly notice his style is a bit different from mine, not that it's a bad thing. He does have more of a formula to his articles, sticking strictly to reviews of individual movies. He also likes to use GIFs a little bit more than I do.

The thing about his reviews is that they're extremely short and to the point. They don't take long to read but he does speak his mind. I don't always agree with him (I personally thought the twist ending of Memento was really clever), but he does get his point across clearly and concisely. That is something to be admired.

So if you're looking for some other cinema blogs to enjoy besides mine, why not head over to Johnny's Critique and give some of his reviews a read?

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