Thursday, 12 June 2014

Seth Rogen, Stop Directing Movies! You're Not Funny!

Seth Rogan's been going strong recently. Last year he released his hit This is the End. Next thing I know I can't ride the subways without seeing a poster for Neighbors and every time I read the caption of "From the guys who brought you This is the End" I find myself sarcastically remarking "Because that was such a hilarious movie". Now within weeks of the premier of Neighbors there's suddenly a trailer for yet another film called The Interview and it just gets me annoyed.

I appear to be a minority here but I've said it before and I'll say it again. This is the End was not funny. I keep seeing people; fans, critics, other film bloggers go on about how this is somehow an intelligent and really clever film and I'm just left to wonder if we saw the same movie. All I saw was a constant barrage of uninteresting idiots doing stupid things in the middle of an apocalypse with a complete absence of any kind of humor and the only person I was actually invested in was Emma Watson who was only on screen for a few minutes. Her departure I would say only made me hate the guys even more for getting into the rape discussion that caused it in the first place, and I spent the bulk of the movie hoping she would come back but of course she never did.

Now granted, Seth Rogen isn't necessarily a bad actor. I'll confess that I was actually surprised to find out he starred in Paul, a science fiction parody from 2011 that was actually funny (though having Simon Pegg and Nick Frost probably helped), so it is evident that that the guy actually can deliver a good performance and be funny, but that is one film in his entire career I have enjoyed.

The thing is, I suspect that while Seth Rogen may well be capable of being an amusing actor, his qualities as a director are less than inspiring if This is the End is anything go by. Now because he was so hilarious in that film he's apparently doing too more at once (seriously, Neighbors just came out, isn't it a bit early for him to be far enough into directing another project for a trailer to be available?)

Seth Rogen, if you're reading this, please stop directing these terrible comedies. You are not Edgar Wright; he released an apocalypse comedy the same year you did but his actually had humor. All your films create is an endless barrage of unfunny shenanigans and there is nothing interesting about them. Just stick to acting and maybe take contracts from directors who actually know how to be funny.

(Alright, I've finished my rant, you can start booing and pelting me with fruit now)


  1. Well, he didn't direct Neighbors, so...

    But I happen to find him very funny, even if I don't think his movies are entirely on point. That being said, he has a depth that I don't think many attribute to him. Have you seen 'Take This Waltz'? He delivers a beautifully balanced performance that is charming, clever, funny and dramatic. I highly recommend it.

    1. Oh, so he didn't. The posters always said "From the Guys Who Brought You This is the End' and I thought that meant the same directors.

      That said, as I pointed out he can be funny when given a good direction and a solid supporting cast, as Paul demonstrates. My point was I just don't think he's very good as a director.

  2. This Is The End is the only movie of Rogen's I find funny. His other roles - directing or starring - are just not funny or particularly good. :/

    1. Am I really the only person who didn't think This is the End was in any way funny. I've heard a few who shared my opinion that The World's End was better but not very many who agree about the film's quality.

      Of course, that said, I seem to have the same feelings with Paul. I loved that film but I don't think I've seen him do anything else that I could actually call funny.