Monday, 5 January 2015

I've Got a Problem

Hey everyone. Something unexpected happened with my 2015 Blindspot list and I need some help. Something I had no way of anticipating has come up and it necessitates that I will have to swap out one movie for another. I'd like to get this resolved as soon as possible so any advice you can offer will be appreciated. I think I need to explain first precisely what happened and the unexpected scheduling conflict that forces me to do this. I was really hoping after last year's incident with The Birds that this wouldn't happen again, but right now I'm not sure I have much choice.

I had it all worked out. I had picked 12 movies and by New Years I had all of them on DVD. I was ready to go and even managed to do my first one this month already. The trouble is that I've just started one of my classes, specifically a class on horror movies. That's all well and good, the problem is that among the many horror films they could have picked, they chose Night of the Living Dead. It just so happens I had that one on my Blindspot list was planning to save it for October. I won't be able to stick to that plan, because by October I will have already seen it. It's also being screened in January, so I won't be able to do it for February and I've already seen my movie for this month.

I'm really sorry to anyone who wanted to hear my thoughts on George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead, and I was really hoping this would not happen again. Still, after the incident that forced me to replace The Birds with Re-Animator I came prepared for worse situations. My backup plan is as follows: in the event that for whatever reason I am unable to watch one of the movies (whether it's because of technical problems or, in this case, because I'll have to watch the movie earlier than I planned), it will be replaced by another option from my preliminary list to be determined based on immediate availability.

This is where I need some advice on the matter. I was saving this for a special feature later in the year (I was considering spending a week in the summer going through some of the films that didn't make the final list), but I might need it now. I have compiled a list of the films on my preliminary list that I have immediate access to (and haven't seen since I made it). I'm going to have to swap out Night of the Living Dead for one of them, and this unfortunately means I probably won't be doing a Halloween-themed movie for October.

I would like you to post recommendations in the comments for which of these films you would like to see me do instead of Night of the Living Dead. Any advice you can offer will be helpful. Again, I'm really sorry about having to take this movie out so abruptly. At least it happened earlier and I haven't gotten very far into the list yet. Thank you so much for any recommendations.


  1. I can't see your list unfortunately:( The Haunting (the original) popped into my head but you may have already seen that one. Too bad I can't see your list:)

    1. Thank you for pointing that out. That was silly of me. I accidentally posted a link to the page I was using to edit the list instead of the list itself. I'd better fix that.

  2. I've only seen Blue is the Warmest Color from the list so that's kind of an immediate recommendation (it's a fantastic film). Both The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Seven Samurai are on my to-watch list and both are deemed great, so I'd recommend those as well.

  3. You could approach this a couple ways.

    1) Swap out Night of the Living Dead for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It's not a horror flick, but certainly Halloween themed.

    2) Still do Night of the Living Dead and write out your post and date it for October. Maybe use the opening of that post to explain what happened. This keeps your list the same. While the times you wanted to watch them might be off, it's still in keeping with the spirit of the challenge which is just to see 12 notables movies you haven't.

  4. Yeah, what Wendell said, you could write out your post and just save it.