Monday, 29 February 2016

Introducing the Crime Cast-A-Thon

Okay, so this was something of a last-minute decision. I wasn't originally planning to run anything this month, but I've been going through a difficult time and needed something fun to do. I'd imagine I'm not the only one who could benefit from a fun activity in March, so why not make a Cast-A-Thon? They're a straight forward mental exercise and there can be fun in bringing together your favorite characters. Now because this was so last-minute, I haven't managed to design a banner. I guess this one will be a more informal blogathon, but if all goes well I'm sure a few of us could benefit from this. Now that's out of the way, so let's get started on my lame excuse for why you're doing this amazing action-packed story.

I got a job for you. We'll need about six or seven other guys. You see, I've got a score the likes of which people like us only dream of. You remember those old stories about the Maltese Falcon? Yeah, I know. It disappeared when it was stolen by pirates back in the 1600's and nobody knew what happened to it. Mr. Gutman tried to track it down in 1941 but only recovered a fake. Well, funnily enough, it was just discovered last week. Apparently it was at Warner Brothers Studio this whole time. One of the janitors was cleaning out the vault and found it in a case that supposedly contained a lost Michael Bay film. Now it's been cleaned up and is scheduled to be displayed at the MacGuffin Museum of Ancient Artifacts. This is where you come in. I need someone who can get into that museum, steal the falcon, and get out before anyone notices.

It's not going to be an easy job. The museum will be locked and heavily guarded after hours. The falcon itself will be kept on a weight-sensitive base, with sensitive glass that will no doubt trigger the alarm if damaged, but before you can reach the Maltese Falcon you'll have to bypass a number of other obstacles in order to steal it, plus you will need an exit strategy. I'm offering good money for the Falcon to be successfully obtained, but I'm going to have to trust you to bring together the most efficient crew of thieves to get the job done. Do you think you can handle it?


  1. Assemble a team of five-ten characters from crime movies to serve as your crew.
  2. For each character you choose, include a few words about why you chose them and what he/she can contribute to the heist.
  3. You cannot choose two or more characters from the same film. Different characters from the same franchise are acceptable as long as they do not appear in the same installments.
  4. There must be gender and/or racial variety. Failing to meet this requirement will result in your inevitable failure and subsequent arrest.

A bit simpler this time round, but I hope it will still be a fun activity for anyone interested. There isn't a banner this time round (at least not unless I can find time to make one), though if you want to design some kind of image you are free to do so. The deadline is March 31, when I'll be able to release the blogathon I had actually been planning in advance. When this is done, I'll try to remember to post a list of links to everyone who participated.

So good luck in trying to steal the Maltese Falcon. You should be able to pull it off with some cunning wit and a few tricks up your sleeve. That should be it for now. To get you into the mood, here is my good friend Kate Bush with an song about thievery (and a weird music video to go with it).



  1. Hey John, great idea!
    Here's my contribution:

    Thanks, Marta

    1. Oh wow, okay. When nobody responded I figured it just went unnoticed. Okay then.

  2. John, what a mother flickin amazing concept. I love this article idea. Gives nerds like us a chance to stretch our creativity. I'm going to get something ready and contribute a Cast soon. By the way, I just found your site and I'm diggin the digs.