Friday, 5 August 2016

Introducing Sports Movie Marathon!

So it's time for the Olympics! That's cool, and it seemed like I should do something to coincide with it, so naturally I quickly tried to throw together a theme week at the last minute decided to take this as an opportunity to watch some sports films. Unfortunately, I've got a small problem in that I've never been that athletic. I learned the different positions in baseball from Abbott and Costello and I can tell you I haven't a clue how football works. One of the first basketball films I can think of is the one where Michael Jordan has to prevent the Looney Toons from being kidnapped by aliens and sold into slavery (yes, that actually happened).

As you can imagine, sports films are one of my weaker points. I'm not normally attracted to movies dealing with sports when they come out, and I don't normally make a huge point of watching them. Usually, in order to get my attention, a sports film has to be really, really good, and even then I'm not exactly quick to take those recommendations. Still, it was either this or run a sports-themed blogathon which would probably be an even bigger disaster.

So finding sports movies I could immediately access (either through my owning on DVD, or being available on Netflix) wasn't easy. I also spent some time consulting my fellow blogger Wendell Ottley from Dell on Movies. Unlike me, Wendell actually knows the rules of football and baseball and he's seen his share of sports movies. His advice was extremely useful in figuring out what sports to cover.

So for those of you not familiar with the basic structure of one of my theme weeks, it goes like this: I select and overarching topic, and a sub-theme for each day. The idea is that each day that sub-theme determines what movie I watch, and then I have to find something worthwhile to say on it in a post afterwards.

In this case, I've broken it up so that each article will be related to a different sport. However, the deadlines are changed somewhat. Instead, this will be occurring over two weeks, and I may not post every day. The idea this time is that I've got 11 different categories and I will aim to cover as many of them as possible over the course of the Olympics.









Roller Derby


Track and Field


  1. The thing about Sport movies is the fact that the real life sporting stories are so much better.

    Leicester City winning the Premier League and Japan beating two time World Champions South Africa at the 2015 Rugby World Cup are thing you'd just wave away as 'unbelievable' is found in any movie. For me, sports movies just don't feel 'real' enough...if you get my drift.

  2. Glad to see you're moving forward with this. Looking forward to your thoughts on these films. By the way, I love Abbott and Costello and especially love the "Who's on First?" routine. No shame in learning baseball from that. However, I will say that after all these years I still don't know who's on third, lol. Glad I could help and thanks for the link!

    1. I have a tendency to quote that routine a lot. In fact, recently I had the opportunity to try and do that routine at an actual baseball game... most people didn't get it.

      I'll admit I'm kinda nervous, probably because this is a genre I'm not used to examining in detail. However, this is definitely a good chance to work on pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone and explore some films I wouldn't have watched otherwise, and perhaps there'll be a few surprises. I'm hoping to do my first movie tomorrow.