Monday, 15 September 2014

Back to School Blogathon Part II

Well, the first one was so much fun and I've gotten a bit impatient to see more entries in Wendell Ottley's Back to School Blogathon. I've only seen one other entry besides my own so far, so I thought it might be fun to try making a second class. This one was a bit trickier, since I didn't want to fall too much on movies I've already covered. I've also had to resort to using two from the same movie, mainly just because I couldn't decide which to put in, and I've got a total of three from David Lynch films and two that have been used in other people's lists. Still, here we go;


Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter)- Headmaster

If you want somebody capable of running the school, than you need a wise old man like Dumbledore. This here is a man who knows what has to be done but also knows how to handle his power responsibly. He cares about his students and will do everything possible to support them, and he is never afraid to stand up for what he thinks is right.

Marko Ramius (The Hunt For Red October, 1990)- Teacher

He was established to have prior experience training men to serve in the Soviet navy. If he can handle a group of rough men and turn them into a loyal and capable crew, he should be able to handle organizing kids in an elementary school. He may be strict, but he knows what he is doing. Also he would be very effective at running gym class.


Bobby Briggs (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, 1992)- Class Clown

Bobby Briggs is certainly a troublemaker if there ever was one, though not necessarily an all-out bully. Aside from getting mixed up in drug trafficking, he does have a tendency to get into various forms of trouble, including a few seemingly foolproof schemes at making money, and having affairs with women that are much older than him. However, underneath all that he does mean well, even if he doesn't always make the best choices.

Carrie White (Carrie, 1976)- Invisible Girl

Here we have a girl who has a lot of problems and could really do with a few good friends. Unfortunately, thanks to her psychotic mother she has a lot of trouble making friends and instead tends to come off more like a freak. She is a nice girl under all that, and one who doesn't want to harm anybody if she can help it, but just do yourself a favor and try not to dump pig's blood onto her during the prom night.

Dennis Guilder (Christine, 1983)- Jock

This guy may be a football player and certainly look like the sort of person who would cause trouble, but don't let his image fool you. Beneath that sports jacket and his slick hairstyle is a really nice guy who even manages to show a bit of kindness towards the sort of people any other jock would be expected to despise (i.e. nerds). He might be a bit tough and even a bit of a womanizer but deep down he cares for his friends.

Sandy Williams (Blue Velvet, 1986)- Popular Girl

This is arguably the model for what any popular girl should be like. Sandy is a bit different from your usual fashion-obsessed popular girl. She is kind, smart, and loyal to her friends. That's not to say she doesn't have any sort of darker side, but she knows how to control it. If there is anyone that the class should be looked up to, it's her.

Laura Palmer (Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, 1992)- Troubled Youth

Well, if being molested by your own father, caught up in drugs, and persistently haunted by an otherworldly spirit doesn't count as "troubled" I don't know what does. Laura Palmer is certainly a strange and enigmatic figure, one whose troubles can't even begin to be understood due to their strange and surreal nature. Let's just hope she doesn't mysteriously turn up dead and wrapped in plastic this year. Even if she does, you can still find her at the Black Lodge.

Kate Lloyd (The Thing, 2011)- Troubled Youth/Star Student

Let's just say that Kate has been through a lot of... less than pleasant experiences. She is certainly an intelligent young woman, and knows a thing or two about paleontology. Unfortunately thanks to a certain incident she has a few troubles of her own. She doesn't like being around groups of people, and when she is, she tends to get a little bit paranoid. It might seem strange to her classmates, but given when she has endured she has every right to feel that way.


  1. Another fun list and great cast

  2. Interesting. Of the movies used I've only seen Carrie and Christine. So I can't say much. Love your choice of jock. Thanks again for playing.

    1. Jocks of any kind were really hard to find, but since I did the bully before I wanted to find something different. I thought Dennis would be a good choice just because of how much he subverted the usual stereotypes.

      I might do some more if I can piece together a good class in time. I had the thought to do a really special one but we'll see how it all works out.

  3. The only ones I haven't seen are The Hunt for Red October and Twin Peaks.
    Blue Velvet...I really remember little other than Dennis Hopper's crazy scenes. And hey you found a non meany popular girl too.
    Wandering through the Shelves

    1. Yes, Dennis Hopper had some crazy scenes and his character is best remembered for yelling at someone because he said he liked Heineken.

      I figured it would be a nice change to find a popular girl that wasn't mean or snobbish. That's the kind of person who should be popular.

  4. Dumbledore would be a dream principal. I loved Twin Peaks the TV show but really didn't like the ending so never saw the film. I agree with Wanderer. Nice to see a nice popular girl :)