Saturday, 20 September 2014

Something Exciting Happened!

This week I found out there was a group connected to the Raindance Film Festival on my University Campus. Two days ago I had the honor of attending their first meeting and I brought in some of my screenplays. I shared them with a number of people and they all loved it, and now it looks like we might be able to make a movie. It won't be a very long one, probably not more than ten minutes and it won't have any big names in it, but nonetheless it will be a movie. We've barely even started yet and already I've got a producer, a possible lead actress, and maybe a camera crew if all goes as I hope.

As you can imagine I'm super excited by this prospect of finally seeing one of my scripts realized. I've already got two who are ready to take part and several others who are interested. Even if it's just a short it will help prepare us for when we are ready to tackle the features. It turns out I'm the closest thing they have to a professional screenwriter so this is pretty exciting to finally get into a position where I might be able to see one of my visions realized.

Nothing is set in stone yet, but I've been thinking that if this all works out as I hope, I might do a series of "production diaries" on here. Nothing fancy, but I thought you might enjoy reading the experiences of being on an amateur film set as it happens. If I do opt to do it, it probably won't be a regular feature either, more like something I'd do every couple of weeks, possibly months (I'm not entirely certain how long it will take to get this film made).

So here's hoping everything goes well at the next meeting and perhaps we can get a start on this exciting short film which draws from an odd mix of my failed college experience and watching lots and lots of David Lynch movies. If I can I'll try and remember to keep you all posted if it all works out, which I hope it will. I might even give some information about where to find the movie when it's completed if I can.

Incidentally, this does lead me to wonder if some film student down the line will have the same messes I've been caught up in previously, getting bogged down by the overt pressures of criticism and wondering why they really like my work but can't enjoy any of the David Lynch films that obviously inspired it. I guess if that ever does happen I'll just have to tell them about how I had the same problem with preferring Lynch over Fellini and Mulholland Drive over Sunset Boulevard and that there is nothing wrong with that.


  1. Good Luck and jump in! Many people stop short only to regret it later...I don't believe in regrets so even if frustrations happen (which I am sure it will), I hope you engage in this. Never mind about the criticism, you are going into an industry that love to criticise just ignore

    1. The whole experience is a bit overwhelming but of course I'm not ready to give this one up if I can help it. Criticism is something I've always had to deal with, so it's nothing new to me.