Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Announcing Non-Action Week: YOU Pick the Movies

I need some help. For the past few months, since roughly December I've been struggling with an addiction to action films. Sometimes I seem to be watching action movies almost exclusively, and I need to break away from them. Unfortunately, right now it might be a bit too stressful due to my exams, but I can begin as soon as they're over, starting on May 4 and going on until May 8. You remember back when I did Free Action Movie Week? The idea was that I'd obtained a bunch of free action films and I had people vote on what films they wanted to see me review over the course of a week.

Well, that was such a success that I started thinking about revisiting the same sort of ground during the summer. I went through a few ideas, including one where people would vote on films from the preliminary list I made for the Blindspot Challenge that didn't make the final list. Unfortunately, most of the films on the preliminary list that I have access to I have seen since then, including 12 Years a Slave, Blue is the Warmest ColourDjango Unchained, and White Christmas (two of them I've also reviewed). Some of the preliminary list are still available here, but there isn't much left to vote on out of the ones I know with 100% certainty I can access before I plan to begin.

Instead, I've decided to broaden the spectrum a bit. I've got a serious addiction to action films and I need to break off and do something different. I'm having trouble breaking it off on my own, and while the severity of this addiction has varied, it has at times made it harder to watch or appreciate other genres. For this reason, I need to find something different, and as soon as exams are done, I hope to do precisely that. There is another problem, though, and this is where you come in. A major flaw in my character is my tendency to be extremely indecisive, especially in situations like this with regards to what films I want to watch. I figure the best approach is to take the element of choice right out.

So here's the deal: I have compiled a list of 10 films (semi-randomly selected) that I have in my drawer but have not yet gotten around to seeing (or in some cases, have only seen part of due to my mood at the time). All of these are films that don't seem like they could be considered "action" (though some could be considered precursors to the modern action film). This list covers a wide variety of different genres including romance, adventure, musical, comedy, and crime; as well as spanning several decades, going as early as the 1930's There's even a mix of different nationalities, including Canadian, American, and German cinema. What I would like you to do is to post in the comments below your top five choices out of my list. How you order your list is up to you, but I want your five favorites from the choices I have.

Once I get through with my remaining exams, I will tally up the votes and select the five most popular titles to watch between May 4 and May 8. Each day, I'll watch one of the movies and review it here on my blog, starting with the least popular on Monday and working my way up to that one really popular one that everyone wants me to see. It should be a great activity and one that will allow me to push the boundaries of my comfort zone in terms of movie watching. All I need you to do is tell me which of these films you want to me to watch.


  1. 1. Cabaret
    2. High Noon
    3. Madchen in Uniform
    4. The Sweet Hereafter
    5. The Informant


  2. 1. High Noon (action precursor, for sure)
    2. The Informant!
    3. Crash (haven't actually seen it but if memory serves you are a fan of Cronenberg so why not?)

    Sadly, the rest are all blind spots for me.

  3. The Sweet Hereafter, no question about it.