Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Cosmic Horror Cast-A-Thon

Last week I started the Cosmic Horror Cast-A-Thon in which I invited fellow bloggers to come and put together a team of investigators to save the world. Unfortunately nobody's responded yet and we've only got nine days left before the Old Ones awaken leaving madness and terror in their wake. In a desperate bid to help prevent that, I'd better get my team together.

So first I'm supposed to pick and Old One to pit my team against. I'm going to take the most obvious one and save the other, perhaps more interesting ones for other contributors to tackle.

Old One: Cthulhu


Investigative Team

Jack Crow (Vampires, 1998)- Team Leader/muscle

If there is a tough guy who has any idea how to deal with the paranormal, it's Jack Crow. He's got a pile of guns and gadgets specifically designed for taking out vampires. While this might not be effective against the Old Ones, he is resourceful enough to find weaknesses his team could take advantage of weaknesses, not to mention he should be able to hold his own against an army of cultists. Seeing as they have a habit of quietly murdering anyone who finds out too much about Cthulhu, someone who can keep your back is a valuable asset to the team. In addition to all that, he's also got leadership skills and knows how to keep people organized under pressure.

R.J. Macready (The Thing, 1982)- Co-Leader/Pilot

Another tough guy with leadership skills, which could very well come in handy if anything were to happen to Jack Crow. To add to that he's also a qualified helicopter pilot, which means he has the additional benefit of being able to get his team where they need to go efficiently. Let's not forget that he has experience in dealing with otherworldly horrors himself, and seeing as the last thing he faced was one that turned his colleagues against each other through sheer paranoia, Cthulhu should seem like a cakewalk at least in theory. 

Ellen Ripley (Alien, 1979)- Expert

Let me sum it up as simply as possible: she doesn't give up. She fought the same horrifying monsters three times in a row and even suicide couldn't stop her from coming back to face them again. That's how determined she is when faced with these nameless otherworldly beings. Now when confronted with something terrifying enough to make the Xenomorphs seem friendly, why wouldn't she be want to do something about it? Heck, if anyone's going to live long enough to make a brave last stand against Cthulhu it's going to be her, and... well... let's just say she's got better odds than most.

Juno (The Descent, 2005)- Explorer

So before we can face Cthulhu, the team will have to navigate the lost city of R'lyeh. That would seem straight forward enough if not for the fact the place is filled to the brim with non-euclidean geometry. It just so happens that Juno is an experienced cave diver, a profession that requires one to be able to navigate tunnels of shapes and sizes that are not always predictable. Naturally, if anyone can figure out how to handle the unpredictable nature of structures that defy physics with out-of-the-box-thinking, it's her.

Stevie Wayne (The Fog, 1980)- Coordinator

Well, we already have leadership for the front, but what about in the back. After all, with a mess like this that could take our investigators around the world, somebody's got to co-ordinate everything. That's where Stevie Wayne comes in. Based out of her lighthouse she can keep track of the team's progress and also listen out for any updates that could give the investigators clues about how to find Cthulhu and stop him from destroying the world.

Theo (The Haunting, 1963)- Psychic

If she is indeed a psychic, as is suggested but not confirmed in The Haunting, she would be a valuable asset to the team. She could observe things nobody else could because of her abilities, such as the thoughts and dreams of others around her and perhaps even take the time to observe how people seem to be affected psychologically by the rising of Cthulhu even before he actually awakens. 


  1. That is quite an interesting team and I love the female group! Whoever thought of Adrienne Barbeau (spelling??)

    1. I wasn't a huge fan of The Fog, but the one thing I loved about that movie was the characterization of Stevie Wayne and the way she played such a crucial role despite having minimal interactions with the rest of the cast.

  2. Ok, you made some great picks. This seems like a really great team, and Cthulhu is going to have a tough time with this crew. I notice you went a bit heavy with the physical folks, and lighter with the researchers and scientists. I kinda went the other direction. But your approach will work well with the cultists that's for sure.

    I'm wondering how many of us are going to end up picking the same characters. You chose a couple I was pondering. But so far only one of our movie's overlapped. I just picked a different character. It will also be neat to see how many times a John Carpenter flick is selected. :)

    I'm aiming to have mine posted on Friday. Looking forward to reading more of these!

    1. It was hard to pick due to the unpredictable circumstances of what they'll be facing, so admittedly I was trying to find anybody who seemed like they could have valuable skills to the investigation. I certainly figured having a few tough guys on board would give them a better chance against the cultists. Considering how subtle those people can be they're really going to have to be on their toes for this one.

      R.J. Macready always seemed like someone who was inevitably going to make it into the blogathon. If it wasn't me it was going to be someone else. Ripley would probably be another obvious one who might show up a few times.

      It would be hard to say anything about the others. I don't think it's too far-fetched to assume someone might try to put Hannibal Lecter but why they would want him on their team is beyond me. Maybe somebody thinks he will try to eat some of Shub-Niggurath's thousand young.

      Considering John Carpenter has at least three films that could be considered "cosmic horror" I'd say it would be a fair assumption that we haven't seen the last of him. Even if we don't see anyone from Prince of Darkness or In the Mouth of Madness he still has a slew of other horror films.

  3. Very interesting and very formidable team. Love the picks. Trying to go in some not obvious directions for mine. Hopefully, I'll have it up this weekend. This isn't quite so easy.

    1. Ah, this should be interesting. I guess I'll be curious to see what Old One you pick and who you can find to deal with it.